ECSA Bulletin

by Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa
New York, New York, United States
June 3, 1991
10 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom
Language: English
Contents: Violence • The newsletter says the killing In South Africa goes on and on unchecked; an analysis of the warfare on the Reef, the region surrounding Johannesburg, is complemented by press reports; the countrywide massacres could be brought virtually to an end but for the thriving alliance between the South African Police and the Inkatha organization. The newsletter says a conference on 'Policing in the New South Africa' is being held this week in South Africa; it has been organized by the Center for Criminal Justice at the Harvard Law School and financed by the U.S. State Department, the Ford Foundation and Canadian Dialogue; law enforcement officials from the USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland and African countries have been invited to the three-day seminar. The newsletter reprints newspaper articles including: "Rights activist says De Klerk government behind violence" by Victoria Brittain; "Adoring South African farmers name a fruit after Thatcher, bearer of unworthy praise" by David Beresford; "Zulu king in new attack on Mandela" by David Beresford; and "Inkatha leader is found guilty on murder charge" by John Carlin. The newsletter reprints a letter to the editor "Inkatha massacres leave South Africa with little hope" by John MacDonald. The newsletter reprints STATEMENT BY ADV. A.M. OHAR, ADV.T.L. SKWEYIYA, DR. M. COLEMAN. The newsletter reprints SOUTH AFRICAN CHURCH LEADER SAYS WEAPONS MUST BE BANNED by Southern Africa Church News. The newsletter reprints a press release INKATHA/ANC RESPONSIBILITY FOR REEF VIOLENCE: RESEARCH STATISTICS by the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE). The newsletter discusses the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), the ANC (African National Congress), F.W. de Klerk, Max Coleman, the Human Rights Commission, the National Party, Zola Skweyiya, destabilization of Mozambique by proxy forces, IDAF, Oliver Tambo, Horst Kleinschmidt, the South African Council of Churches (SACC), detention without trial, the Pretoria Minute, hunger strike, the Indemnity Committee, Rev. Frank Chikane, a squatter camp near Swanieville, Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the South Africa Police (SAP), the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), the Black Consciousness Movement, the International Commission of Jurists, Pierre Conje, Major General J. Van Niekirk, Margaret Thatcher, discrimination, labor legislation, Dr. David Everatt, the Independent Board of Inquiry into Informal Repression (IBIIR), Lawyers for Human Rights, SADF (South African Defence Force), AZAPO, vigilantes, train attacks, people killed, King Goodwill Zwelihini, Zulus, KwaZulu police, "traditional weapons", Soweto, John Aspinall, Nelson Mandela, Samuel Jamile, Joseph Khumalo, Mzizi Hlophe, Detective Wagner, Police Commissioner Lee Brown of New York City, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and political prisoners.
Used by permission of former board members of the Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root