[Now we are launched! Now the real work can begin.]

by Prexy Nesbitt, Mozambique Support Network
Chicago, Illinois, United States
October 8, 1987
Publisher: Mozambique Support Network
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The mailing was sent soon after the launch of the Mozambique Support Network (MSN), after meetings in New York and Washington with President Chissano. People are asked to send the national MSN office names of local journalists who should receive materials and a description of any material aid projects for Mozambique in your area. Also, please suggest prominent people to be "endorsers" for the MSN. The mailing refers to a draft press release about President Machel's visit and the formation of MSN. The mailing mentions Mozambique Support Network Newsletter; Mozambique Update; Mozambique Briefing: The Roots of Armed Banditry; Talking Points and Notes from Bill Minter; Mozambique: From Colonialism to Revolution by Allen Isaacman; Difficult Road: The Transition to Socialism in Mozambique by John Saul; Crisis in South Africa published by UNICEF; Children on the Front Line; Angola: Quest for Justice by the National Council of Churches; and Savimbi and South Africa: No Casual Affair by the Washington Office on Africa (WOA).
Used by permission of former members of the Mozambique Support Network.
Collection: Kathleen Sheldon Southern Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections