ECSA Bulletin

by Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa
with Human Rights Commission
New York, New York, United States
June 1, 1993
10 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Kingdom
Language: English
The newsletter includes reprints of newspaper articles including: "Right-wing rally threatens Pretorian with armed revolt"by Ray Kennedy, "PAC raid shows De Klerk in no longer in control" by Allister Sparks, "About-turn on control of armed forces" by Chris Louw, "ANC poised to back compromise" by David Beresford, "Reluctant heir to Hani's crown" by Philip van Neikerk, "S African murdered ready to kill again" by David Beresford, "SA generals form group to fight black rule" by David Beresford, "Boer from the bush united the wild Right" by Allister Sparks, "Destiny imposes its own apartheid on twin brothers of the white tribe" by Karl Maier, "Backing the Sulus means bloodshed" by Anthony Sampson, and "ANC in battle to curb violence" by Karl Maier. The newsletter reprints WEEK REPRESSION REPORT FOR WEEK NO. 21 FROM 19/05/93 TO 25/05/93 by the Human Rights Commission. The newsletter includes DEMANDS FOR A NEW SOUTH AFRICA ADOPTED BY THE RURAL WOMEN'S MOVEMENT NOVEMBER 28 1992. The newsletter discusses Eugene Terre'Blanche, the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), the Afrikaner Volksfront, General Constand Viljoen, the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC), the Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA), President F.W. de Klerk, the Cabnet. Commissioner of Police Gen. Johan van der Merwe, Constitutional Affairs Minister Roelf Mayer, the Negotiating Forum, white farmers, Minister of Law and Order Hernus Kruel, the African National Congress (ANC), Mac Maharaj, the South African Defence Force (SADF), covert operations, Local Government Minister Tertius Dilport, Deputy Law and Oder Minister Gert Myburgh, the National Party (NP), Patrick "Terror" Lekota, Chris Hani, Thokoza, Phola Park, Soweto, Cradock, Port Elizabeth, Burgersdorp, Bophuthatswana, Tokyo Sexwale, Nelson Mandela, Cyril Ramaphosa, Allan Hogan, Barend Strydom, Gert Johan Davel, Andrew Gerber, GerMybutgh, the Conservative Party, General Lothar Neethling, the South African Communist Party (SACP), Lieutenant General Tienie Gruenewald, Clive Derby-Lewis, Andries Treurnicht, Dries Bruwer, the Herstigte Nasionale Party, the Afrikaner Volksunie, the neo-Nazi Afrikaanse Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), Multi-Media Services, the Concerned South Africans Group (COSAG), Chief Manfosuthu Buthelezi, Inaktha Freedom Party (IFP), Lieutenant-General Cobus Visser, Ferdi Hartzenberg, Andries Beyers, the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (IDASA), the Northern Transvaal Peace Committee, Braam Viljoen, Thabo Mbeki, Pallo Jordan, General Magnus Malan, J.C. Hoegendijk, the Dutch Reformed Church, Bayers Naude, Oliver Tambo, President Clinton, Donna Shalala, Jesse Jackson, Maya Angelou, John Major, Douglas Hurd, Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles, Zulus, Dr. Pixley Seme, Lucky Phahlane, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Sharpeville, Sevokeng, Evaton, Biopatong, black townships, Hunter Kolisang, Calvin Thusago, Dudley Saunders, Daddy Nakana, Paseka Dineka, the ANC Youth League, Rev. David Dinkebogile, Mr. Thusago, jobs, education, health, water, land, telephones, and electricity.
Used by permission of former board members of the Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa and former members of the Human Rights Commission.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root