by Kathi Austin, Africa Policy Information Center
with William Minter (editor), David Dean
Washington, DC, United States
Publisher: Africa Policy Information Center
61 pages
Type: Pamphlet
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The pamphlet says that after Mozambique achieved independence from Portugal in 1975 under the leadership of the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), it granted refuge to Zimbabwean guerrillas fighting for majority rule in Rhodesia. The white Rhodesian army supplemented raids into Mozambique against those guerrillas by sponsoring the Mozambican National Resistance, first known as MNR and later as Renamo. The pamphlet includes excerpts from the two reports: Summary of Mozambican Refugee Accounts of Principality Conflict-Related Experiences in Mozambique , by Robert Gersony, Consultant to Bureau for Refugee Programs, Department of State, April 1988 (under the heading “The Gersony Report”); and Children of Mozambique: The Cost of Survival by Neil Boothby, Abybacar Sultan and Peter Upjohn, U.S. Committee for Refugees, November 1991 (under the heading “Children of Mozambique”). SAME EVENT, DIFFERENT VISIONS provides two different perspectives, by Ellie and Rodney Hein, in Mozambique: The Cross and the Crown and by Reverend Marinho Campas, a Baptist minister in Zambezia, quoted in Derik Knight, Mozambique: Caught in the Trap, Christian Aid, 1988. Sections entitled EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS provide differing views by Aniva Sulemane Isuf and Simāo Lakenecome, Renamo Washington, D.C. representative Luis Serapiāo, Mennonite agricultural worker Mark Van Koevering, Robert MacKenzie, Bob McKenna, James U. Blanchard III, Thomas E. Schaaf, Jr., Larry Abraham, William H. Ball, Jr., and Julius Seffu. The pamphlet discusses the African National Congress (ANC), UNICEF, Senator Jesse Helms, Sibyl Cline, Ray Cline, the CIA, Richard Secord, U.S. Global Strategy Council, Soldier of Fortune, Special Air Services (SAS), President Afonso Dhlakama, Selous Scouts, Thomas Schaaf, Colonel Ron Reid-Daly, South African Defense Force, Transkei Defense Force, Reagan Doctrine, Reason Foundation, Mozambique Research Center, Denis Norman, Congressman Dan Burton, Renamo Secretary for Foreign Relations Artur da Fonseca, Beira Corridor, National Security Advisor Frank Carlucci, Herman (Hank) Cohen, Tom Cirran, Conservative Action Foundation, Artur Vilankulu, Mozambique Information Office, Nkomati, Freedom Inc., Council for National Policy, Center for Strategic and International Studies, American Freedom Coalition, Conservative Caucus Foundation, Howard Phillips, Peter Hammond, Ian Grey, Shekinah Ministries, Blantyre Ministries, Ellie and Rodney Hein, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), AK-47s, Joaquim Chissano, William Casey, Samora Machel, Pat Buchanan, Constance Menges, State Department, Chester Crocker, Melissa Wells, Senator Robert Dole, National Security Council (NSC), Defense Department, President Bush, Defense Intelligence Agency, Kindra Bryan, Dennis Jett, Neutrality Act, and Foreign Agents Registration Act. Contents: Acknowledgments • Executive Summary • Introduction • I. An African Holocaust • II. The U.S. Connection • Rhodesian Origins • South Africa and Other Renamo Patrons • A Visit with the Heins • III. U.S. Government Knowledge and Responsibility • IV. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations • Legal Appendix: What U.S. Laws Hold Private Actors Accountable for Taking Part in Foreign Civil Wars? • Notes
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the Africa Policy Information Center).
Collection: Aubrey McCutcheon Southern Africa Papers, Michigan State University Libraries, Special Collections