i.d.a.f. news notes

(Issue No. 23)
by International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
with Geoffrey Wisner (editor), Kenneth Carstens
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
October 1985
Publisher: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
8 pages
Contents: Toivo ja Toivo: "Destructive Engagement" • Naude: A New Society • Southern Africa News Calendar August and September 1985 • Censorship • POLICE REPORTS • TRIALS AND DETENTIONS ARE CONTINUING! • News Notes Needs Your Help • POLICE REPORTS • Acronyms and Abbreviations •  The newsletter includes excepts from a press conference at Harvard Law School on September 21, 1985 by Mr. Andimba (Herman) Toivo ja Toivo. The newsletter includes excerpts from a talk delivered by the Reverend Dr. C.F. Beyers Naude to a meeting of the New England Circle at Boston's Parker House on October 28, 1985. The newsletter reports about 100 anti-apartheid campaigners demonstrated outside South Africa House in London against the forthcoming scheduled execution of Benjamin Moloise. The newsletter reports the government banned the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) on "security grounds". The newsletter reports Gerhard DeKock, chair of South Africa's Reserve Bank, held discussions with Citicorp, the biggest bank in the world; Citicorp said they had discussed South Africa's financial, currency, debt and payment situation. The newsletter reports Finance Minister Barend duPlessis said South Africa would freeze the repayment of its foreign debts for a four-month period, but would continue to pay interest on the loans. The newsletter discusses/includes information on the South West African People's Organization (SWAPO), the Nonaligned Movement, the Southern Africa Coordinating Coalition of Massachusetts, the National Conference of Black Lawyers, the UN Council for Namibia, Decree #1, mineral rights, Chester Crocker, "constructive engagement", the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), the Christian Institute, Bishop Desmond Tutu, the South African Council of Churches, Jerry Dunfey, P.W. Botha, ANC (African National Congress), PAC (Pan Africanist Congress), Allan Boesak, police, SADF (South African Defence Force), the Krugerrand, U.S. investment in South Africa, apartheid, Victoria Mxenge, Helen Suzman, Griffiths Mxenge, Robben Island, UDF (United Democratic Front), EEC (European Economic Community) , Foreign Minister "Pik" Botha, the State of Emergency, U.S. Congressman Stephen Solarz, Winnie Mandela, Present Reagan, Robert McFarlane, Guguletu, Deak-Perera, Nelson Mandela, Coretta Scott King, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Mayor Ed Koch, actor Paul Newman , the bantustan policy, Thami Mazwai , KwaThema township, Soweto, Amnesty International, the Coloured Labor Party, the Pope, sanctions on South Africa, Margaret Thatcher, the Botswana Defense Force, Evangelist Jerry Falwell , journalist Gwen Lister, Gatsha Buthelezi, Oscar Mpetha, Inkatha, kwaZulu, Deputy Foreign Minister Louis Nel, the State Department, the SACC (South African Council of Churches), the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Pollsmoor prison, Driefontein, KwaNgema, the National Union of Mineworkers, President dos Santos, UNITA, the Clark Amendment, the Group Areas Act, the End Conscription Campaign, Richard Steele, Anita Kromberg, Sue Britton and Michael Evans, bank loans, Ray Wilkinson, Oliver Tambo, Paddy Kearney, the church group Diakonia, the Natal Indian Congress, Vusi Dlamini, Senator Lowell Weicker, the Presidents Council Committee for Constitutional Affairs, pass laws, the Front-Line States, South African troops, the South African Air Force, MNR, the Kairos Document, Ivan Thoms, Secretary of State George Shultz, the International Atomic Energy Agency, nuclear collaboration, Transkei, the National Party, and Billy Nair. [Note: Toivo's name is often spelled Toivo ya Toivo.]
Used by permission of a former staff member of the International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee.
Collection: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee (Geoff Wisner collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections