Two talks by Dr. Barry Kistnasamy, MD

by Boston Mobilization for Survival
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Undated, about April 1991
1 page
Leaflet advertising two talks on Tuesday, May 7 by Dr. Barry Kistnasamy, MD, WHAT'S BEHIND THE VIOLENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA? at the home of Dr. Alan Drabkin and HEALTH CARE IN SOUTH AFRICA: WHO LIVES AND DIES? at Boston University School of Public Health. The leaflet says Dr. Barry Kistnasamy is a specialist in Community Medicine, and focuses on health issues in South Africa and on occupational health; he attended the 1990 Maputo "Conference on Health in South Africa"; he is on the executive board of the National Medical and Dental Association (NAMDA); Dr. Kistnasamy is a member of the ANC (African National Congress), and has been a dedicated leader of the anti-apartheid struggle in Durban and Natal since his adolescence. The leaflet says the events are co-sponsored by Boston Mobilization for Survival, CHISA (Committee for Health in Southern Africa), the Fund for a Free South Africa, and Global Exchange.
Used by permission of a former member of Boston Mobilization for Survival.
Collection: Private collection of Geoff Wisner