i.d.a.f. news notes

by International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
with Geoffrey Wisner (editor), Kenneth Carstens
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
February 1985
Publisher: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
8 pages
The newsletter reports that on February 3, 1985 Dennis Brutus and Donald Woods, two strong opponents of apartheid, spoke at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. The newsletter says that a UNICEF information officer reported severe, widespread malnutrition in southern Mozambique and the newspaper Domingo reported that the MNR received an airlift of arms from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The newsletter also reports that the captain of a Danish ship that smuggled arms for France to South Africa in defiance of the UN arms embargo said that the Mitterrand government approved the illegal shipment after South Africa threatened to cancel a big civilian order with the French. The newsletter discusses President Reagan, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Bishop Desmond Tutu, AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland, MNR, the Nkomati accord, Southern Africa Bishops Conference, South African Ambassador Brand Fourie, Denis Hurley, Rep. Cardin Collins, Santita Jackson, Sister Mary O’Keefe, Richard Lugar, Nancy Kassebaum, Bayers Naude, Gary Hart, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth, Nationalist Party, the Front Line States, Prime Minister Mugabe, UN Resolution 435, African National Congress (ANC), Foreign Minister "Pik" Botha, Nobel Peace Prize, Chief Leabua Jonathan, Archie Gumede, Paul David, United Democratic Front (UDF), Billy Nair, Ciskei bantustan, Lennox Sebe, Gwen Lister, SWAPO, TransAfrica, Randall Robinson, IBM, GM, Ford, Burrougha, Lloyd Jones, British Miners Union, Official Secrets Act, the Police Act, Majaje Simelane, Krugerrand gold coins, Popo Molefe, Nelson Mandela, President Samora Machel, President Dos Santos, migrant labor, President Canaan Banana, "Made Mike" Hoare, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dennis Herbstein, Detainees Parents' Support Committee, Senator William Proxmire, Senator Edward Kennedy, CBS TV News, Ed Bradley, UNITA, Sam Nujoma, Sebokeng, economic sanctions, the Pope, Jack Anderson, uranium, UN arms embargo, Allan Boesak, Winnie Mandela, President Kenneth Kaunda, President P,W, Botha, Namibian Council of Churches, Howard Wolpe, South African Catholic Bishops Conference, Soekor, Gatsha Buthelezi, Nelson Madela, Transkei bantustan, and SADCC. Contents: Myths and Morality: A Talk by Dennis Brutus and Donald Woods • News Notes Needs Your Help • Southern Africa News Calendar December 1984 and January 1985 • TRIALS AND DETENTIONS ARE CONTINUING • Acronyms and Abbreviations
Used by permission of a former staff member of the International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee.
Collection: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee (Geoff Wisner collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections