by Northern New England Coalition on Southern Africa
Hanover, New Hampshire, United States
October 1985
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The student conference includes keynote speaker Mel King, an M.I.T. Community Fellow and Director of the Massachusetts Rainbow Coalition. Along with King, three other speakers will commemorate Political Prisoners Day: Eugene Booth, Rhode Island Commission on Human Rights; Dr. Dennis Brutus, poet, activist, and former political prisoner in South Africa; and Reverend James P. Breeden, Dean of the William Jewett Tucker Foundation of Dartmouth College. The program includes a reception and cultural event with Black Underground Theater and Arts Association and The Dartmouth Gospel Choir. The Chief Representatives of the African National Congress (ANC) and South West African People's Organization (SWAPO) will speak. Three Dartmouth College professors will make presentations: Leo Spitzer (History): "Apartheid and the West"; Nelson Kasfir (Government): "South Africa and Independent Africa"; and Richard Joseph (Government and African and Afro-American Studies): "Apartheid and Racism." Analytical workshops will discuss links between Central America and South Africa by Duncan Earle, Professor of Anthropology, Dartmouth College; The Apartheid Bomb and U.S. - South African Uranium Trade by Thomas E. Boudreau, Professor of Peace Studies, School for Int'l Training; Apartheid’s "Laws: A Crime Against Humanity?" by Richard J. Harvey, Esq. New York Attorney & British Barrister-at-law; Teaching About Apartheid by Martha Rich, Education Department, Dartmouth College and Liz Blum, Vermont Committee on Southern Africa; and Women Under Apartheid by representatives of the Women's Section of the ANC and SWAPO. Action-oriented workshops will focus on Federal Sanctions Legislation, led by Jackie Wilson, Washington Office on Africa; Non-Violent Direct Action by Dave Dellinger of the Vermont Rainbow Coalition, and Howard Hawkins, Upper Valley Committee for Free Southern Africa; and the University Divestment Movement by Bill Spencer, '84 Youth Section Organizer of Democratic Socialists of America. State Divestment will be discussed by Arnie Arneson, Mique Glitman, and Harlan Baker, State Representatives in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine, respectively. U.S. Labor and South Africa will be addressed by Brahn Muether, shop steward at Bryant Grinder, and the Cultural Boycott by Bill Cole, Professor of Music, Dartmouth College and Zanzile, South African poet. Church Action will be addressed by June Russell, Director of the United Church of Christ Board of World Ministries. Political Prisoners will be addressed by Lawrence Davies, Group 10 (Upper Valley) of Amnesty International. The film “Woza Albert!” will be shown. Conference sponsors are the Northern New England Coalition on Southern Africa (including the Maine Project on Southern Africa, New Hampshire Campaign for a Free Southern Africa, Upper Valley Committee for a Free Southern Africa, and Vermont Committee on Southern Africa); South Africa Project (Tucker Foundation, Dartmouth College); Upper Valley Alliance; and others.
Collection: Private collection of Alan Berolzheimer