SAMRAF news+notes

by South African Military Refugee Aid Fund
Brooklyn, New York, United States
May 1984
10 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Guatemala
Language: English
The newsletter reports on the South African information scandal, brought to light again by Eshel Rhoodie's book, “The Real Information Scandal.” The newsletter includes quotes from Piet Wapen Botha, Samora Machel, Dr. Motlana, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Jean Paul Marat. It discusses James Baldwin, Malcolm X, B.J. Vorster, Hendrik van den Berg, BOSS, Connie Mulder, John McGoff, Sydney Baron, Jimmy Carter, the Department of Information, Senators John Tunney and Dick Clark, Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation, the Foreign Affairs Association, apartheid, Gary Player, MacDonnel Douglas, Lear Siegler, Union Carbide, American Gas Association, Ingersoll Rand, Dean Witter, Bank of America, James Chikerema, Bishop Muzorewa, Andy Andrews, P.W. Botha, Walter Mondale, Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson, Soweto Civic Association, MNR (Mozambique National Resistance), ANC (African National Congress), Frelimo, Captain Curt Van Francois, and Samuel Maherero. Contents: Too much dirt to cover up, Eschel Rhoodies Bares His Version In "Real Information Scandal" - Corruption in High Places • Election mania, '84 style, Massive Doses of Hype Assault Us, How To Separate the Fluff from the Real Issues? • When war is called peace, Mozambique & South Africa Sign 'Nkomati Accord', A Bad Dream Come True, Setting Back the Struggle • Story of Hendrik Witbooi, Hero and Leader of Anti-Colonial Resistance To German Occupation of Namibia, 1884-1905 • SAMRAF and Our Program
Used by permission of Mike Morgan, a former member of South African Military Refugee Aid Fund.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root