by Task Force on Southern Africa Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ
Massachusetts, United States
October 10, 1975
1 page
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The report says the T/F (Task Force) was organized in 1972 following a vote of the delegates to the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Conference UCC; it has a core group of approximately 20 and others who participate in T/F activities on an irregular basis; it has both black and white participants; the role of the group has been primarily education of the constituency of the Massachusetts Conference, i.e. 500 churches and 11 regional associations. The report says the T/F cooperated in the recent Proposal for Action on Southern Africa endorsed by the 10th General Synod (National Assembly of the UCC) which met in July 1975. The report says a monthly newsletter, the Share Sheet, is distributed to enable those who have been sensitized to the issues to be kept informed on events and prospective action. The report says in 1976 we expect to make a major presentation to each of the 11 regional association meetings as well as to the Northeast Regional Meeting of the Social Studies; the latter group attracts 3000 secondary school educators to its annual meeting.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root