SPSC Letter

(Volume VII, No. 3)
by Saharan Peoples Support Committee
Ada, Ohio, United States
December 1986
8 pages
The newsletter says the U.S. has a blind spot in its approach to the war; despite protestations of neutrality, it seems quite clear from a series of hearings over the years that certain U.S. officials and some parts of the U.S. government bear responsibility for initial support of Morocco in its irredentist claims and subsequent support of Morocco in its armed conflict in the Western Sahara. The newsletter reports that three Swiss parliamentarians, Franҫoise Pitteloud of Lausanne, Franҫois Borel of Neuchatel and Paul Rechsteiner of Saint-Gall, visited the Western Sahara October 25-30, 1986; they reported that a group of five Israeli generals had visited the Moroccan defense walls in Western Sahara. The newsletter reports the Sixth Congress of the Pan-African Organization of Women, which met in Luanda, Angola from September 22-27, adopted a resolution supporting the struggle of the Sahrawi people and condemning the Moroccan occupation of the SADR (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic). The newsletter includes a political declaration made at the eighth conference of heads of state or government of the Non-Aligned countries in Harare, Zimbabwe. The newsletter includes a draft United Nation resolution on Western Sahara and an excerpt from Western Sahara Newsletter--England. The newsletter includes an advertisement of the Western Sahara Campaign, USA seeking support for the Sahrawi Red Crescent and an advertisement for the book Fueling the Fire: U.S. Policy & The Western Sahara Conflict by Leo Kamil published by the Red Sea Press. The newsletter discusses Moroccan soldiers, the Polisario Front, the OAU (Organization of African Unity) and Tindouf. Contents: EDITORIAL • NEWS NOTES SINCE THE LAST LETTER • NON-ALIGNED RESOLUTION • IMPLEMENTATION OF THE DECLARATION ON THE GRANTING OF INDEPENDENCE TO COLONIAL COUNTRIES AND PEOPLES QUESTION OF WESTERN SAHARA • SPSC SENDS MONEY TO CARITAS FOR MILK • Dear SPSC Letter • Appeal from the Sahara • UPDATE ON PUBLICATIONS • Unsung hero of Sahara
Used by permission of Anne Lippert, a founder and former member of the Saharan Peoples Support Committee.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root