[Dear Legislator, Last year you voted in favor of a bill which would have ended Connecticut's financial ties to companies and banks which have investments in South Africa]

by Connecticut Anti-Apartheid Committee
Waterbury, Connecticut, United States
March 30, 1982
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Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Form letter sent to Connecticut legislators who voted in favor of a bill which would have ended Connecticut's financial ties to companies and banks with investments in South Africa. The letter says the bill, which was later vetoed, would have been a step forward in the fight to isolate South Africa. The letter asks legislators to press on with this effort, saying they can expect corporations to pressure them to switch their stand and they may hear from the South African government representatives. The signers of the letter are: Jerome Brown, President, New England Health care Employees Union, District 1199; Edwin Vargas, President, Greater Hartford Labor, Council, AFL-CIO; George Springer, President, Connecticut State Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO; Robert Eagan, President, Connecticut Education Association; Ron Napoli, President, Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers International Union Local 155; Mel Tripp, President, District 91, International Association of Machinists AFL-CIO; Bernard McKinnon, Director, State CAP Council, United Auto Workers; Betty Tianti, Secretary-Treasurer, Connecticut State AFL-CIO; The Honorable Thirman Milner, Mayor of Hartford; James Patterson, President, NAACP, Hartford; Carolene Watts, Acting President, NAACP, Waterbury; Sherry Deane, President, Connecticut Caucus of Black 'Women for Political Action, Inc.; Bettina Borders, Young Women’s Christian Association of Hartford; Margaret Berg, Chairperson, Connecticut Caucus of Democrats; Harvey Byrd, President, Black Democratic Club of Waterbury; The Reverend Roger Williams, President, Black Ministerial Alliance Hartford; Jannie Lewis and Arlinse Girtridge, Waterbury Unit of Church Women United; U.S. Representative William Ratchford; and George Athanson.
Used by permission of former members of the Connecticut Anti-Apartheid Committee.
Collection: Connecticut Anti-Apartheid Committee (Peggy Buchanan collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections