by Boycott Del Monte Coalition
Los Angeles, California, United States
February 5, 1977
Publisher: Boycott Del Monte Coalition,
1 page
Type: Policy Document
Coverage in Africa: Namibia
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines
Language: English
The principles say we oppose all U.S. government, economic, political and military ties with other countries which strengthen and maintain U.S. corporations in those countries; we oppose U.S. corporations control and exploitation of the people land and other resources of any country--that Is, we oppose U.S. Imperialism. The principles say Del Monte is a U.S. corporation which exploits the labor and resources of people in Namibia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Philippines, the U.S. and many other countries; in boycotting Del Monte we stand united against the exploitation of Del Monte workers and consumers here and abroad. The principles discuss national liberation struggles against colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, sexism, and apartheid.
Collection: Carol B. Thompson and Bud Day Papers on Southern Africa, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections