[Dear Mr. Kulczycki, I understand that the future broadcast of South Africa Now is still in question at KCET.]

by Kathleen Sheldon, Mozambique Support Network/L.A.
Santa Monica, California, United States
December 9, 1990
Publisher: Mozambique Support Network
2 pages
Type: Correspondence
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Letter to Stephen Kulczycki of KCET from Kathleen Sheldon on behalf of the Mozambique Support Network supporting the broadcast of South Africa Now. Sheldon urges KCET to continue to broadcast this show, which has a regular segment on the Frontline states. Sheldon says Mozambique, a Frontline state bordering South Africa, has suffered for ten years from a brutal South African-backed war and that coverage of this war has been almost entirely absent from regular network news.
Used by permission of former members of the Mozambique Support Network.
Collection: Kathleen Sheldon Southern Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections