Support Political Detainees in South Africa!

Close Portland’s South African Consulate!
by Portlanders Organized for Southern African Freedom
Portland, Oregon, United States
Undated, December 1984
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet distributed at one or more demonstration in front of the honorary South Africa consulate in Portland aimed at closing the consulate. The demonstrations began December 12, 1984. The leaflet notes the consul, Calvin Van Pelt, appointed in 1974, is a registered foreign agent and promotes South African trade and tourism in Oregon. The leaflet says about 20 percent of Oregon's billion dollar pension fund is invested in businesses that make profits for South Africa. The leaflet asks people to join Portlanders Organized for Southern African Freedom, not to buy the Krugerrand South African gold coin and boycott dealers who sell it, boycott entertainers like Frank Sinatra and Tina Turner who play in South Africa in violation of UN sanctions, and to send letters of protest to Secretary of State George Schultz and State President P. W. Botha. • Thousands Arrested • Former Portland Resident Jailed • US Support for Apartheid • Reagan Policies • Americans Demand, 'Cut the Links!' • You Can Help [Note: This leaflet was included in December 1984 Monthly Report Southern Africa Program, American Friends Service Committee, January 1985. The report says the demonstrations took place every Wednesday and Friday.]
Used by permission of former members of Portlanders Organized for Southern African Freedom.
Collection: Oregon Anti-Apartheid Files (Ed Ferguson collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collection