Southern Africa International Affairs Report

(No. 16)
by Carole Collins, American Friends Service Committee
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
January 1987
Publisher: American Friends Service Committee
9 pages
Newsletter on the death of Mozambican President Samora Machel. Machel died when his plane crashed on returning from a critical Front Line States meeting with Zaire's President Mobutu seeking to persuade him to end his support for the Pretoria-backed UNITA bandits in Angola. This comes at a time of intense South African pressure on both Mozambique and the SADCC countries and when these countries were gearing up to face increased economic pressures resulting from decisions by the European Economic Community (EEC), the Commonwealth, and the U.S. Congress to impose sanctions on South Africa. The newsletter discusses the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) and Joaquim Chissano, the Mozambique National Resistance (MNR) and Jorge Jardim. The newsletter includes the text of a solidarity message from Nelson and Winnie Mandela. The newsletter discusses a September meeting of Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Mugabe, Zambian President Kaunda and Machel with Malawi's Life President Kamuzu Banda at which they confronted him with evidence that Malawi was harboring MNR bandits and raised the prospect of possible retaliation by the Front Line States if Malawi continued to provide such sanctuary. • A Luta Continua: Mozambique After Samora • Introduction • Samora • Mozambique Before Machel's Death • The Wounds of War • Regional Developments • Traveling to Maputo • The Struggle Continues • The War on Development • How Can Americans Respond?
Used by permission of American Friends Service Committee.
Collection: George M. Houser (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections