[The Southern Africa Media center has been busy churning out material ...]

by Cornelius Moore, Southern Africa Media Center
San Francisco, California, United States
July 16, 1987
1 page
This letter to members of the Southern Africa Media Center Advisory Board reports on the release of two new publications, “Witness to Apartheid” teaching guide and the anti-apartheid education and action guide, “Together/Against Apartheid.” The teaching guide accompanies a shortened version of the film designed for use in high school classes. The resource guide is being distributed to all student, church, or community groups that rent or purchase any films about southern Africa. The letter also notes that the Center will soon release two new films: Bound to Strike Back and Destructive Engagement. [Note: Both print resources are available on this website.]
Used by permission of California Newsreel.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root