Minutes, statewide coalition for the liberation of southern Africa, 12/3 meeting

by Jaffray Cuyler
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Undated, about December 1977
2 pages
The minutes says those present were Carole Collins (National Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa); Muriel Hogan (singer); Carolyn Brock and Jaffrey Cuyler (Grand Rapids AFSC task force); Leonie Janken, Pam Jones, Robert Glassman, Helen Zinn, and Gerry Kleis (Detroit ALSC); Pat Beeman, Milt Taylor, and Marylee Wiley (East Lansing SALC); and Ansell Horn (Ann Arbor SALC). Contact information was listed for each city. After sharing about local and national events, most of the meeting was spent discussing possible Principles of Unity (included in the minutes) and a statewide or Midwest regional conference. Collins spoke about her recent tour of the West coast; people in Seattle are working on the Krugerrand, and people in Los Angeles are working on divestment by UCLA, on Del Monte, and on a clothing drive. At the African Studies Association meeting in Houston, Collins made contact with people from Iowa and Illinois. People at the University of Illinois are working on divestment. In Milwaukee, there is an active Southern Africa group with programs in the Black communities; in Madison, Collins was present for a Mozambique Solidarity evening put on by the African Students Union and others. In Pittsburgh, the New American Movement (NAM) chapter is working with local NAACP and ACLU chapters on Southern Africa issues. The minutes mention the East Lansing Peace Center, liberation movements, white minority rule, wages for blacks, petty apartheid, imperialism, neo-colonialism, Polaroid, Control Data, subsidiaries of U.S. firms, Congress, the Oregon State Board of Education,  University of Massachusetts (Amherst), Hampshire College, African Liberation Day and Zimbabwe Liberation Day in Detroit, Hartford Ave. Baptist Church (in Detroit), bank loans to South Africa, Carol Thompson, Bud Day, refugees in Botswana, and a Steve Biko event. [Note on date: The minutes say the next meeting is Saturday, February 11. February 11 was on Saturday in 1978.]
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Liberation Committee.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root