Chicago, Illinois, United States
Undated, early 1972?
2 pages
Leaflet against the 1971 proposed British-Rhodesia settlement. The leaflet may have been given out at a demonstration. The leaflet says the British see a "settlement" with Rhodesia's white rebel regime which broke away from the colonial ruler 6 years ago to establish minority rule; the Africans have responded to the white man’s "settlement" with one word: NO. The leaflet discusses the decision by the United States Senate to resume buying chrome ore from Rhodesia in violation of United Nations sanctions. The leaflet says the American Committee on Africa; Brent House; Chicago Committee for the Liberation of Mozambique, Angola & Guine; Chicago Theological Seminary; International Defense & Aid Fund; Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church; New World Resource Center; Southern Africa Task Force & Peace and Internationa1 Relations Committee, United Church of Christ; Towards Freedom; and Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ are presenting a petition today to the British Consul-General of Chicago of Chicago protesting the settlement. The leaflet says: U.S. Chrome + U.K. Settlement – Sell-out in Rhodesia. Slogans on the leaflet are: No settlement with white settlers! and Majority rule for Zimbabwe!! • Last Week in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) • Life Under White Minority Rule Means • "Settlement" • Ian Smith has said • The Powers Behind the "Settlement" (Sell-Out)
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root