Apartheid is Supported by American Money

by James Luther Adams, Bill Dwyer, Elenora Ivory, William B. McClain, Sister Marie Augusta Neal
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Undated, apparently late March 1978
1 page
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Letter to the editor from Boston area clergy committed to a program of withdrawal of accounts from the First National Bank of Boston because of the banks loans to South Africa. The letter calls attention to the death of Stephen Biko, followed by a sham inquest, and the bannings of clergy and journalists who protested these events. Black and white South African religious leaders such as Rev. Beyers Naude, Rev. Thea Kotze, and Rev. Richard Brown have charged that U.S. bank loans serve to politically, financially, and militarily legitimize apartheid. The First National Bank of Boston has approximately $28 million in current loans to South Africa.
Collection: Alan Zaslavsky Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections