The Clark Amendment on Angola Should Be Retained

by Washington Office on Africa
Washington, DC, United States
April 1981
4 pages
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
This memo presents nine reasons why Congress should not repeal the ban on CIA involvement in Angola, as sought by the Reagan Administration. The rationale involves U.S. policy not only regarding Angola but also Namibia, South Africa, Cuba, and independent Africa. The mailing says repeal of the Clark Amendment would severely damage U.S. relations with independent Africa, would identify the United States with the apartheid South African government, and could have serious negative repercussions for the negotiations for independence in Namibia. UNITA is not a viable party deserving of U.S. military backing, and renewing CIA operations in Angola will not decease the influence of Cuba or the Soviet Union there. Corporations with experience in Angola oppose the repeal of the Clark Amendment, and intervening in Angola would isolate the United States from its NATO allies. Reagan Administration officials' claim that repeal is being requested as a matter of principle to eliminate restrictions on Executive control over foreign policy is not credible.
Used by permission of the Washington Office on Africa.
Collection: Alan Zaslavsky Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections