Namibia, Africa's Last Colony: Prospects for Freedom and Development

by University of Vermont Cross-Cultural Committee
Burlington, Vermont, United States
March or early April 1982
2 pages
Type: Program
Coverage in Africa: Namibia
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Program for a conference on Namibia at the University of Vermont on April 5-6, 1982. Many speakers were associated with organizations that supported the Namibian struggle for independence. NAMIBIA: POLITICAL PROSPECTS: J. Grotpeter (St. Louis College of Pharmacology): "African Politics in Settler States: Implications for Policy Toward Namibia" R. Rotberg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "The Politics of a Namibian Settlement" Discussant: G. Houser (American Committee on Africa) THE MILITARY FACTOR: R. Dale (Southern Illinois University): "Historical Overview of Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Africa" R. Lee and S. Hurlich (University of Toronto): "From Foragers to Fighters: South Africa's Militarization of the Namibian San" Discussant: R. Gordon (University of Vermont) WALVIS BAY: R. Dreyer (G.I.I.S., Geneva): "Walvis Bay an its importance to Namibia: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" D. Sparks (Sea Grant Consortium): "Namibia's Costal and Marine Resource Development Potential" Discussant: E. Landis (American Committee on Africa) FILM FESTIVAL: Discussants: D. Siman (University of Vermont) R. Gordon (University of Vermont) CLASS AND ETHNIC DIVISIONS: E. Thompson (University of California, Santa Barbara): "The Origins of Group Consciousness Among African Miners" B. Fuller (Boston University); "The view from Khorixas" W. Pendleton (University of Hawaii): "Urban Household Patterns and Their Implications for Understanding Ethnic and Class Divisions" P. Pearson (Witwatersrand University): "The Underdevelopment of Basterland" Discussants: P. Carstens (University of Toronto) R. Southall (University of Ottawa) PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE: L. Hamutenya (United Nations): "Economic Opportunities and Human Rights: The Present Situation and Future Outlook" J. Evenson (Lutheran Church In America): "The Role of the Churches" J. Davis and J. Case (American Committee on Africa): "U.S. Corporations in Namibia" J. Bellstein (Washington University): "SWAPO's Political Economy and the prospects for Development in Namibia after Independence" J. Kamara (University of Michigan): "Namibia: Perspectives on Transition in Southern Africa" Discussants: B. Johnston (ECSA) W. Schmokel (University of Vermont)
Collection: George M. Houser (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections