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by Henning Melber
Burlington, Vermont, April 1982
Contents: 1. Introduction • 2. Social determination for the organisation of the black working class • 3. Th...
Type: Conference Presentation
Africa coverage: Namibia
by Gerhard Tötemeyer
Burlington, Vermont, April 1982
A background paper by Professor Gerhard Tötemeyer, Department of Political Science of the University of Transkei...
Type: Conference Presentation
Africa coverage: Namibia, South Africa
by University of Vermont Cross-Cultural Committee
Burlington, Vermont, March or early April 1982
Program for a conference on Namibia at the University of Vermont on April 5-6, 1982. Many speakers were associated wi...
Type: Program
Africa coverage: Namibia
by The Upper Valley Free Southern Africa Committee
White River Junction, Vermont, Undated, apparently Spring 1984
Petition in support of House Resolution 430, introduced on February 7, 1984 by a bipartisan group of members of Congr...
Type: Petition
Africa coverage: South Africa
by Howard Hawkins, Upper Valley Committee for a Free Southern Africa
White River Junction, Vermont, Undated, about August or early September 1986
The document says there is at least one issue in which mean spirit of Reaganism is being defeated; the issue is U.S. ...
Type: Policy Document
Africa coverage: Angola, South Africa, Southern Africa
by Catamount Arts
St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Undated, January 1988?
Leaflet advertising performances of "The Mozamgola Caper" by the San Francisco Mine Troupe at The River Val...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: Southern Africa