Middle East (11)

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by Pittsburgh Committee on Southern Africa
July 1967
Type: Newsletter
by Janet Hooper
Undated, about September 1971
Type: Report
by Sanctions Working Group, United Nations Centre Against Apartheid
August 1980
Type: Report
by April Actions for Peace Jobs and Justice
Undated, about early 1985, possibly second half of 1984
Type: Brochure
by NW Action for Jobs Peace and Justice
April 1985
Type: Brochure
by All Peoples Congress/People's Anti-War Mobilization
February 1986
Type: Brochure
Undated, about June 1987
Type: Leaflet
(Volume III Number 4)
by Mozambique Support Network
February 1991
Type: Newsletter
by Richard Hengeveld (editor), Jaap Rodenburg (editor), Shipping Research Bureau
Type: Book


by People's Anti-War Mobilization
Undated, mid-1980s


by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
February 13, 1991
Type: TV broadcast