Central America (14)

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(Reprint 6)
by Walter Rodney, Africa Research Group
Undated, 1970?
Type: Pamphlet
by April Actions for Peace Jobs and Justice
Undated, about early 1985, possibly second half of 1984
Type: Brochure
by NW Action for Jobs Peace and Justice
April 1985
Type: Brochure
July 2, 1985
Type: Newsletter
(VOL 2, NO. 11)
July 18, 1985
Type: Newsletter
by All Peoples Congress/People's Anti-War Mobilization
February 1986
Type: Brochure
by Bernie Dinkin, Philadelphia Area Committee of Labor Against Apartheid, Donald Morabito, Philadelphia Labor Committee on Central America and the Caribbean, Rev. Lorenzo Sheppard, Churches Emergency Committee on Southern Africa, Thomas Paine Cronin
February 2, 1987
Type: Mailing
by April 4th Coalition, Interfaith Task Force on Central America
March 1987
Type: Leaflet
by Central America/Southern Africa Task Force
March 9, 1987
Type: Memorandum
by Theresa Culpert, Bruce Roth, Eric Vance, Peace Education Center, Southern Africa Liberation Committee, Committee for Education on Latin America
March 26, 1987
Type: Mailing
by Southern Africa Liberation Committee
April 1987
Type: Leaflet
Undated, about June 1987
Type: Leaflet
by The Africa Fund
Spring 1988
Type: Newsletter