United Methodist Church (24)

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Principal Location: New York, New York, United States
Duration: 1968-current


by Motive
About January 1971
Type: Leaflet
by Richard K. Heacock, United Methodist Office for the United Nations
April 2, 1971
Type: Mailing
by American Committee on Africa
December 1975 or early January 1976
Type: Leaflet
by George M. Houser, United Methodist Church
January 22, 1976
Type: Article
by John W. McNaughton, United Methodist Church
Undated, about late December 1976 or January 1977
Type: Memorandum
May or early June 1977
Type: Leaflet
by Campaign Against Investment in South Africa
Undated, mid to late 1980?
Type: Pamphlet
by Ad Hoc Committee to Commemorate The Soweto Uprising
May or early June 1980
Type: Leaflet
March 1981
Type: Program
by American Committee on Africa, American Friends Service Committee, Connecticut Anti-Apartheid Committee, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, TransAfrica, United Methodist Office for the United Nations, Washington Office on Africa
June 1981
Type: Program
by Christine Root, Washington Office on Africa
Undated, June 13, 1981 or a little later
Type: Meeting Minutes
by Dumisani Kumalo, Patricia Lee Farris, Mel King, Jack H. Backman, American Committee on Africa, Mass. Divest
Undated, about February 1983
Type: Mailing
by Gretchen Eick, Office for Church in Society United Church of Christ
November 15, 1985
Type: Policy Document
by United Methodist Committee on Relief
Undated, Fall 1987?
Type: Leaflet
by United Methodist Committee on Relief
Undated, Fall 1987?
Type: Mailing
by First United Methodist Church of Germantown
June 1990
Type: Leaflet