TransAfrica D.C. Chapter (5)

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Alternate Name: TransAfrica D.C. Support Committee
Principal Location: Washington, DC, United States
Duration: Began in 1982 or earlier
Washington, DC, United States
The local chapter in Washington, D.C. affiliated with TransAfrica, the national organization that was also located in...


by James Alexander, TransAfrica D.C. Support Committee
Washington, DC, Spring or early summer 1987
Mailing soliciting membership in the TransAfrica D.C. Support Chapter. The DC Chapter has been working with the Shell...
Type: Mailing
Africa coverage: South Africa, Africa
by TransAfrica D.C. Chapter
Washington, DC, March 1989
Leaflet advertising a luncheon at Shiloh Family Life Center on Saturday, March 18, 1989. The leaflet says the guest s...
Type: Invitation
Africa coverage: Africa
by TransAfrica D.C. Chapter
Washington, DC, September or early October 1991
Postcard invitation by TransAfrica D.C. Chapter, the Washington Office On Africa (WOA) and the Washington Office On H...
Type: Postcard
Africa coverage: Southern Africa, Africa
by District of Columbia Chapter of TransAfrica
Washington, DC, 1994
Invitation to a reception celebrating TransAfrica Forum’s Arthur R. Ashe, Jr. Foreign Policy Library on June...
Type: Invitation
Africa coverage: South Africa, Africa, Ghana
by TransAfrica
Washington, DC, March 1997
Leaflet advertising the Fifteenth Annual Luncheon of TransAfrica's Metropolitan DC Chapter on March 22 at the ...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: Africa