TransAfrica (30)

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Alternate Name: TransAfrica Forum
Principal Location: Washington, DC, United States
Duration: 1977 - 2015?


by George M. Houser, American Committee on Africa
February 16, 1979
Type: Mailing
by Ted Lockwood, Randall Robinson, TransAfrica, Washington Office on Africa
April 3, 1979
Type: Mailing
by American Committee on Africa, NAACP, TransAfrica, Washington Office on Africa
March 3, 1980
Type: Report
by Campaign Against Investment in South Africa
Undated, mid to late 1980?
Type: Pamphlet
by American Committee on Africa
Undated, about late 1980
Type: Leaflet
by American Committee on Africa, American Friends Service Committee, Connecticut Anti-Apartheid Committee, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, TransAfrica, United Methodist Office for the United Nations, Washington Office on Africa
June 1981
Type: Program
by Campaign Against Investment in South Africa
Undated, apparently June or later 1981
Type: Brochure
by Randall Robinson, TransAfrica, U.S. Government Printing Office
Testimony date: October 22, 1981 Publication date: 1983
Type: Testimony
by Randall Robinson
December 2, 1982
Type: Conference Presentation
by Dumisani Kumalo, Patricia Lee Farris, Mel King, Jack H. Backman, American Committee on Africa, Mass. Divest
Undated, about February 1983
Type: Mailing
by Dennis Brutus, Randall Robinson, Maxine Waters, Richard Lapchick, Vusi Shangase, Judy Chu, Elliot Baker, Robert Farrell, Midge Costanza, Thomas Kilgore, Frank Beeman, Ad Hoc Committee to Keep South Africa Out of the Olympics
December 26, 1983
Type: Mailing
by Special Committee Against Apartheid
February 13, 1984
Type: Press Release
by TransAfrica, New York Anti-Apartheid Coordinating Council, Westchester People's Action Coalition, American Committee on Africa, Labor Committee Against Apartheid, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
May or June 1987
Type: Leaflet
by South Africa Partners
May 16, 2012
Type: Program