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Students Against Apartheid (University of Washington) (23)

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by Students Against Apartheid
Seattle, Washington, Undated, April 1989?
Leaflet advertising a lecture by Joseph Disecho on "Prospects for Namibian Independence vs. continued South African o...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: Namibia, South Africa
by American Friends Service Committee
Seattle, Washington, Undated, about April 1989
Leaflet advertising a speech by Prexy Nesbitt at University Friends' Center on May 7. Nesbitt is an African-Ameri...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: Mozambique
by Task Force on Southern Africa Church Council of Greater Seattle, American Friends Service Committee
Seattle, Washington, Undated, late May 1989?
Leaflet advertising a community meeting at the Central Area Motivation Program (C.A.M.P.) on June 5 to discuss region...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: South Africa
by Students Against Apartheid, African Students Union at the University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, February 1990
Leaflet advertising Black History Month Program. Events listed include: “South Africa Right Now!” a lunchtime lec...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: Mozambique, South Africa, Somalia