Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (9)

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Principal Location: United States
Duration: 1972 - current


by American Committee on Africa
June 1977
Type: Leaflet
by Harold Rogers
October 1981
Type: Conference Presentation
by Coalition for Illinois' Divestment from South Africa
January 1986
Type: Leaflet
by Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism
Undated, about December 1985 or earlyJanuary 1986
Type: Mailing
by Nancy Walker, Gus Newport, John George, Carole Nelson, David Reed, Geraldine Johnson, Cati Okorie, Kanika Ajanaku, Blanche Bebb, Leo Robinson, Willie Thompson, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, San Francisco Anti-Apartheid Committee, National Conference of Black Lawyers, Bay Area Free South Africa Movement, Southern Africa Freedom Committee/All Peoples Congress, American Federation of Teachers
March 18, 1986
Type: Mailing