Campuses United Against Apartheid (6)

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Principal Location: California, United States
Duration: 1977 - 1981 or 1982


by Alan Bernstein, Nina Byrne, Bob DeGrasse, Pacific Studies Center
May 1977
Type: Pamphlet
by Campuses United Against Apartheid
About June or early July 1977
Type: Leaflet
by Campuses United Against Apartheid
July 11, 1977
Type: Correspondence
by Campuses United Against Apartheid
FALL 1977
Type: Pamphlet
by Southern Africa Support Committee, South Africa Catalyst Project
Undated, about Spring 1978
Type: Brochure
by African Activist Association, Campuses United Against Apartheid, L.A. Committee of South Africans, National Coalition to Support African Liberation, Southern Africa Support Committee, Working Committee on South Africa
May or June 1978
Type: Leaflet