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Africa Research Group (22)

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by Africa Research Group
Cambridge, Massachusetts, Undated, Summer 1972?
The mailing notes that the Africa Research Group (ARG) will cease to exist in September 1972. A new group, the Africa...
Type: Mailing
Africa coverage: Africa
by Prexy Nesbitt (Interviewee), William Minter (Interviewer)
Chicago, Illinois, October 31, 1998
Prexy Nesbitt was born in Chicago and is deeply rooted there. Nesbitt is an activist and educator who has worked over...
Type: Interview Transcript
Africa coverage: Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Guinea-Bissau, Tanzania
Ontario, April 2015
Contents: Remembering Danny Schechter • Hamba Kahle, Comrade • My father. Our Hero • To Danny, as...
Type: Magazine
Africa coverage: Angola, South Africa, Southern Africa