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by Dennis Brutus, South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee, Africa Network
Probably February or somewhat later 1984
Type: Mailing
by Africa Network
Undated, apparently early 1984
Type: Mailing
by Selma Waldman, Linda Turner, Africa Network, National Lawyers Guild Seattle Chapter
July 25, 1984
Type: Correspondence
by Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa, Africa Network
Undated, October 1984?
Type: Leaflet
by Red and Black Books, National Conference of Black Lawyers - Northwest Chapter, Africa Network
About May 1985
Type: Program
by Dennis Brutus, Africa Network, Commonwealth Secretariat
May 1985
Type: Conference Presentation
by Yodeta Bee Holly, Africa Network
Undated, September 1985?
Type: Mailing
by YB Holly, Africa Network
December 1987
Type: Mailing
by Dennis Brutus, Jan Carew, Nancy Singham, Joy Carew, Yodeta Bee Holley, Africa Network
February 25, 1988
Type: Mailing
by Amelia Blossom House, Africa Network
Undated, 1988, month not known
Type: Mailing
by Dennis Brutus, Africa Network
Undated, about June 1988
Type: Mailing